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Discussing Hearing Loss with Family & Friends

We know the ability to hear is one of our most critical senses and as such, Hearing Healthcare needs to be part of your overall wellness plan. 

Sometimes hearing loss is a difficult sense to notice as it's diminishing because it's natural progression is over a long period of time and can become unnoticeable. You may begin to think people are talking softer or mumbling but not associate it to your own hearing capability or impairment.  Friends & loved ones may notice a change before you do.

Things you should know

Hearing Loss Info

Hearing Loss is a potentially debilitating condition that affects more than 20% of our population. As most people age, hearing tends to naturally decline.  In many, the loss is brought on or made worse by a variety of ear problems and ear diseases like infections, medication, loud noise exposure, vascular disease, trauma and neurological diseases.

Hearing loss can be severe enough that social isolation occurs and sufferers may falsely seem aloof.  Some studies suggest that dementia may be exacerbated by the social isolation of hearing loss.

Many people first notice difficulty understanding conversation in noisy environments like restaurants, or in large rooms like meetings, auditoriums and church.  Some will hear people talking but misunderstand the words.  High frequency hearing loss is the most common with people complaining of misunderstanding words.  This is because most consonant sounds fall in the higher frequency range.

Often hearing loss is accompanied by ringing in the ears, which is called tinnitus. This annoying, common complaint is frequently indicative of hearing loss. Tinnitus is refractory to treatment although people who are candidates for hearing aids will find the tinnitus less noticeable while wearing them.

If you or a loved one are experiencing difficulty hearing  conversation, we invite you to visit our state of the art Hearing Aid Center. Lisa Jones, BC-HIS is an Expert at helping you select the proper hearing instrument suited for your particular needs, life style challenges and preferences. Her personal care and ethical standards assure you will benefit from amplification if hearing aids are recommended to improve your quality of life.


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