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Is a Hearing Screening the same as a Hearing Test ?

Ear Canal Exam

Image of Ear Wax being removed. There is a monitor to view the Ear Wax Removal Process. Orange City

During your ear exam, watch

 your live video as we complete an inspection of your ear canal and ear drum which will be conducted prior to your hearing test. On-site Ear Cleaning 

 and Ear Wax Removal Services are offered if needed. Professional fees may apply.

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Hearing Tests

Lisa Jones BC-HIS, performing a Hearing Test Inside Hearing Test Booth in Orange City, Florida

Plan on spending a few minutes for a screening and 30 to 45 minutes for a full hearing test. When you pass a hearing screening, you're considered to have hearing within normal range 20 db or less. Failing your screening warrants a comprehensive hearing test to rule out medical issues and hearing aid candidacy.

Hearing Aids

Local Hearing Aid Provider, Lisa J. Jones, BC-HIS performing a hearing aid evaluation in Orange City

Hearing Aid Sales, Hearing Tests, Hearing Aid Fittings, Programming & Re-Programming Services. 23 years experience. We are proud to offer products Made in the USA by Starkey. 

A new line of Best in Class Rechargeable Hearing Aids have been released with the industry's longest lasting charge.

Visit our Environmental Fitting Room to have your Starkey Hearing Aids adjusted in a noisy environment. 

Local Husband & Wife West Volusia Residents.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

Lisa, fixing a broken hearing aid in her On-Site hearing aid cleaning,  maintenance & repair shop

On-Site Hearing Aid Repair, Maintenance and Cleaning on most Makes and Models. 

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Orange City Hearing Expert, Lisa J. Jones BC-HIS is an Aging Tree Quality Trusted Provider.

On-Site Hearing Care Services Inside The Royal Oaks Professional Center

Hearing Healthcare Centers LLC. provides a wide range of services meeting all your hearing healthcare needs. Their services include Hearing Loss Consultations and Information, Ear cleanings and wax removal, Free hearing screenings, Comprehensive hearing tests, Hearing aid sales and fittings, programming / reprogramming, hearing aid repairs / maintenance and 2nd opinion consultations.


Mission Statement

"To provide a customized hearing healthcare program utilizing personal, compassionate service and the best products to improve communication with your family and friends."

We strive to fit our patients with products & services to fit their audiological needs, physical ability, lifestyle criteria and financial capabilities. We have an excellent reputation as exemplified by the numerous patient testimonials that have appeared in previous Aging Tree magazines. We believe our patients testimonials tell the HHC experience better than any other form of advertising.  We take a proactive approach when it comes to hearing health. This approach starts with spreading the message that everyone over the age of 50 should have at least a hearing screening to establish a baseline of their current hearing ability. By having a simple screening, the individual will be able to monitor their hearing health from year to year and potentially seek professional help in a timely manner

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