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On Site Hearing Aid Repair & Maintenance

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Maintenance, Cleaning and Repair on most Brands and Models

Often, it's the simple things and your hearing devices are just in need of a thorough cleaning. The same as your jewelry gets dull and dingy, the sound of your hearing aid can sound muffled, dull and just not as clear. Ear wax and dead skin cells can block the amplified sound by the hearing aid from getting into the ear. Microscopic dirt and debris can get deposited into the microphones just by daily insertion and removal or when touching it to adjust the volume or program buttons. Oils and hand creams also tend to attract dirt and debris which sticks to your hands and fingers leaving small traces behind that start building up over time inside those small ports and crevices almost not noticeable to the naked eye.  Examining your hearing aid under our microscope lets us see the fragile electronic components that need cleaning for them to sound their best. Typically for hearing aids to function at optimum performance, a three month cleaning and maintenance check should be part of your hearing healthcare plan. Regular maintenance helps ensure you receive  that crisp clear sound you prefer, require and should rely on to hear at your highest capability. 

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Hearing Aid Repair Faq's & Tips:

What is one of the most common reasons for a Hearing Aid to malfunction?

A dead battery

Tip: If you wear two hearing aids and one of your hearing aids is not working but one of them is still working, rather than waste a new battery, just remove the battery from the hearing aid you know is working  If you still get no sound on the suspected broken aid, put your good battery back in the hearing aid that is still working and drop off your broken  hearing aid in our drop box. We will call you within 24 hours to report on it's status. 


Should you have your hearing aids cleaned and adjusted?

Yes, Regularly for Optimum performance.

Tip: Brushing your hearing aid with a soft dry toothbrush every morning in the canal area will help remove any visible signs of wax or debris.  Morning is the recommended time to brush because it has had several hours to dry out while you were sleeping.

How often should I get my hearing aid cleaned?

You should have your hearing aid cleaned and checked every 3 months. Regular maintenance keeps your hearing aids sounding their best.

Tip: It only takes a few minutes for us to clean your hearing aid/s. Sometimes that is all that is needed if you find yourself wondering why your aids may not be sounding like they used to.    

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