What to expect during a hearing test.

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  • A hearing test begins with a thorough visual inspection of your ear canals, best done with a video otoscope so you can see too.  It is used to identify the extent of any physical abnormalities,obstructions and or ear wax, in addition to assessing the general health of your ears.
  • An air conduction test is a procedure presenting a series of tones / frequencies you listen for through a set of headphones and respond to by pushing a button.  Every persons' sensitivity level to individual tones / frequencies is recorded.
  • A Bone Conduction test is a series of tones you listen for through a bone oscillating headphone placed behind the ear or on your forehead while responding to more beeps / tones by pushing a button. This test helps determine whether your hearing loss should be referred to an ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat Dr. ) for treatment  possibly by medication, surgery or if hearing aids / amplification would be beneficial.
  • A Speech Discrimination test / Speech Recognition Test is where you listen to and repeat a list of words through a set of headphones. These tests are used to evaluate your ability to understand speech at comfortable levels and at soft levels.

About your hearing test results

Hearing Test results should appear on a graph called an "Audiogram".  It is critically important in quantifying your hearing test results and evaluating the best course of treatment for you.  If hearing aids are appropriate, it also serves as the basis for selecting the proper instrument/s for your loss and how your hearing aid/s will be fitted to provide optimum results.   

Hearing Test Tips:

  • Be sure the list of words presented to your ears are at a comfortable level of volume and easily heard.
  • Ask your provider to slow down if needed. Always inform your provider of ringing or buzzing in your ears.

Video Addressing Hearing Loss

Enjoy the following short video that explains about the two different types of hearing losses, Conductive or Sensorineural. This informative video may help you have a clearer understanding of hearing loss and how it may pertain to your hearing.

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